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Hi thanks for your interest in getting a stunning tattoo by Your’s truly

PLEASE NOTE: 1 form =1 tattoo – this form is for 1 tattoo/ 1 person only- if you have multiple tattoos or looking to book for moremthan yourself, each person/tattoo will be required to fill out an additional form.

RATES: $180 hourly- 1 hour minimum (plus tax) –

Currently i am booking 4-5 months from now.

ALL appointments require a non-refundable BOOKING FEE ($75 per session)

to be sent via e-transfer ( will be deducted from tattoo cost once completed.

I will respond to this form via e-mail and will give a estimated quote.
If your looking to book a booking fee of $75.00 is required to book any appointment. Directions for e-tranfer will be sent during the email.
once the booking fee is received i will call to schedule and finalize your appointment reservation.

Phone consultation: I am not doing in person consultations currently.

Once I receive this form I will contact you via phone to discuss the tattoo further and we can discuss going forward at that time.
Please allow a few days (mine are Tuesday-Saturday) to respond to this request as i am only able to call when i have time between clients i am usually tattooing 10-6 each day. Thank you Christine

Please note: due to copywrite laws etc. I do not copy or replicate tattoo designs you are submitting as reference. I will only recreate my own artwork to use for your tattoo purposes.
if your looking for an exact replication of a tattoo you found online I will NOT do it. 
I also don’t do fingers or hand tattoos or face tattoos. This is against my policy.

before you fill out this form please read the following pages

Risks and Aftercare!

Only the person getting the tattoo should be on this form. 1 form per person please- 1 tattoo at a time If multiple people they must fill out their own form (cant tattoo 2 people at once but i can schedule people so the tattoos are one after another or back to back)
Please only choose 1
Please only choose 1
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
For copy right reasons, its not allowed to copy designs exactly as seen in the photo’s provided. So please be aware changes will be made.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please no selfies, please fet the photo taken by someone else - from 2-3 feet away with bright light on the tattoo area. This helps me identify skin condition, and skin tome to evaluate which colors work best etc.
Price: $ 50.00
A booking fee is required to schedule an appointment- please submit payment via e-transfer to - it will be deducted from your tattoo once completed. *this is non-refundable once the appointment is booked. Should you wish to reschedule the fee is transferred to that specific date. should you not appear to your appointment, cancel/reschedule within 72 hours before -or change the design within that 72 hours the fee is forfeit and a new deposit will be required to book another appointment.

If the form fails – please check that all fields are filled in, it will be highlighted in red.

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