Want a tattoo?

So you want a tattoo – now what?:

You will need to do a consult when your ready please click here to begin

You will need to provide reference material if any. If you don’t have any that’s ok – I can and prefer to draw custom artwork. So no worries.

A minimum $150 deposit (via E-transfer) is required to begin any artwork or to book a tattoo – this is non refundable, (no exceptions) It will be deducted from the cost of your tattoo once it is completed by our artists

Please be on time for your appointment, being late – even just 10 minutes may result in your appointment being rescheduled as there may be other appointments after you.

We accept cash (preferred) and debit As well as credit cards

When do I get to see my Design? 

I am a very Busy Artist and do so many tattoos weekly, to stay organized and focused I like to have YOUR design fresh in my mind and prepare your design close to your appointment as possible. This allows less distraction and a fresh perspective when tattooing it onto you. so After you book your appointment, your design is usually begun usually a few days before your appointment. Sorry – I don’t draw designs without a tattoo appointment being booked, and I won’t send it to you (viea email/ text or online) a month before. if you wish to see it prior to your tattoo appointment you would need to schedule a time with your artist to come in for a viewing. Although it’s likely that I will be working on your design up to the night before your scheduled appointment. To make sure its perfect for you before they tattoo it permanently. We know you’re anxious and excited to see it, any changes or tweaking can be done at the time of the appointment

What if I don’t like my Design?

Minor changes are free. REDRAWS or change of concept are charged an extra hourly rate may be applied. if this is during your appointment time, it  may require you to book further appointments to finish your tattoo.

what if I change my mind and want something else.

Tattoos are a huge commitment, if you have asked me to design one tattoo and then a couple days before or even at your tattoo appointment change the concept I will not proceed with the tattoo and your deposit for the design you booked for will be put towards the time and effort preparing for the tattoo you booked me for. A new tattoo consult/appointment and deposit will be required for the new tattoo concept.
If I feel your not 100% committed I will not perform your tattoo.

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