Touch-Up Warranty

a touch up is warrantied when certain flaws happen due to artist application. Should ink not be fully saturated or missing linework or details. This is to make the design be complete. Should damages happen during healing this is not a touch up, this is repairing damages, then a fee may be applied at artists discretion depending on how much work is involved. A free touch up appointment is not a voluntary follow up 6 months later. – it must be approved by me first. Otherwise if you wish for modifications/adjustments from how it was completed..then the hourly rate applies
Most tattoos excluding hand/fingers tattoos are done with a 6 month touch-up warranty. This means within 6 months of your final sitting on the tattoo you are able to schedule a touch-up with the artist who did the original art.
there are some exception to this policy-
exceptions to receiving a free touch-up include

  • setting and then not showing up to you touch-up appointment.
  • Neglect of tattoo aftercare.

Simply put, disregarding the importance of your artists’ time and advice may disqualify you from free touch-ups. It will be up to your artists discretion whether there will be a charge for your touch-up should this be the case.

It is also important to note that many tattoos do not require a touch-up! If you think you need one or are unsure, simply call the shop or email your artist to set up a time to come in and have an artist check it out.

It’s not a deposit- it’s a booking fee.
All booking fees are non-refundable beyond the first 24 hours after scheduling. Should you change your mind within 24 hours of booking your tattoo we will gladly return your deposit. After the first 24 hours, your deposit becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, the deposit can be transferred to another tattoo of your choosing however within 6 months. After 6 months the deposit is relinquished if you have not scheduled your tattoo appointment.

If you left a booking fee prior to jan 2023 and you didn’t make it to your appointment you rescheduled or cancelled and it’s been past 6 months your booking fee has been forfeited.

Covid closure/bookings if your appointment was cancelled due to covid closures, and was scheduled for the location 613 brock street with one of the attending artists. Please understand it’s been 2 years since we have closed that location, all attempts to contact you to reschedule where our first priority and we made several attempts to contact you to do so prior to taking any other bookings. Those booking fees are now forfeit.

There is a rescheduling fee should you reschedule in shorter notice than 1 week, or should you reschedule more than once. This is put in place as with such short notice, your artist is risking not filling your spot and therefore missing out on expected income.
cancellations- should you cancel your tattoo appointment with out rescheduling the deposit is also non-refundable.

should you not show up to your tattoo appointment without any attempt to notify your artist via phone/email, It is our policy that we will not book you again for another tattoo appointment. If you have subsequent appointments they will be cancelled and your deposit will be revoked.

If you are sick.

This is something that is not preventable. However, I strongly recommend you don’t come while you are sick. Especially if you or someone in your home has cold/flu symptoms covid related or not. Due to the fact that we are very close together during your apt we could pass to one another easily. I have a terrible immune system and catching a cold/flu will mean weeks of illness for me and multiple cancellations. Easier to reschedule you than 5+ other people. So should you need to reschedule this is one limited exception.

All booking fees are null/void once you cancel/postpone/reschedule an appointment with less than 72 hours before your appointment. And only valid for 6 months. All tattoos must be scheduled and completed within this 6 month timeframe.

all booking fees received prior to covid (Lockdowns and business closure) all previous booked clients had been notified through phone and emails the timeframe for their rebooking was extended 1 year. Anyone who had not contacted their artist in return to rebook has forfeit their booking fee as of June 2022.