How do I start the process to getting my custom ink?
A consultation will be required to start the process of getting your tattoo. from there you will discuss your tattoo and book the required sittings to complete.

How do I book a consultation?
You can book your consultation on our website HERE or you can give us a call at 905-665-9305.

When do I get to see my design? 
Our artists do so many tattoos, to have your design fresh in their mind they often draw the tattoo as close to your appointment as possible. This allows less distraction and a fresh perspective when tattooing it onto you. If you wish to see the artwork prior to your tattoo appointment you will need to schedule a time with your artist to come in for a viewing. Although it is possible that the artist will be working on your design up until the night before your scheduled appointment to make sure it’s perfect for you before they tattoo it permanently.

What if I don’t like my design?
Minor changes are free. Re-draws or change of concept may be charged an extra hourly rate. If this is during your appointment time, it  may require you to book further appointments to account for missed time.

Can I go to the gym/work out during the healing time?
We do not recommend going to the gym/working out too soon after being tattooed. With working out comes sweating and this can lead to unwanted infection and bruising. We suggest avoiding the gym/working out for a minimum of 7 days to give your body time to build up a barrier over your tattoo. Should you choose to go to the gym/work out, cracking of your healing tattoo may occur. It is your responsibility to be persistent with cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo. Should you damage your tattoo, you may void your touch-up warranty.

How are tattoos Priced?
Our artists all work at an hourly rate varying from $180-$200. depending on intricacy style and skill required.
We accept Cash, Credit and Debit however Cash is preferred.

How do I get a quote for the tattoo I want?
A consultation will be needed to discuss tattoo idea, details, placement, colour/black and grey etc to give you a quote for the tattoo. A quote dictates a price range based on the amount of time we expect your tattoo to take. Quotes are done in studio, not over the phone/online. Rough estimate quotes may be done by email, but the final quote will still need to be done in house. When determining whether to get a tattoo at one studio or another, price should be the lowest consideration. 

Can I get tattooed while pregnant?
NO- for many reasons and we at Ink Is Art WILL NOT knowingly tattoo anyone who is or believes they may be pregnant. During pregnancy the immune system is changing and can make you more susceptible to risk of infection. Also, tattoos can be very stressful on the body, in some cases this can send your body into shock on even the healthiest people. This shock to the body has been thought to cause miscarriages.

Can I bring my kids to my appointment?
NO- Many times children get bored and can distract you or your artist. We are a busy shop and cant be ‘babysitting’ as we have work that needs to be done so we ask that you please ensure you make other arrangements! During your consultation if you must bring children, that is fine as long they are well behaved and remain with you. 

Your artist will never expect you to tip but it is definitely appreciated. If you choose to tip it should reflect your experience from beginning to end. Was your artist informative and attentive? Did your artist take your idea and turn it into something you are proud to carry on your body? Did your artist make sure you were comfortable? Industry standards tend to show a tipping average of 10%-30$. Once again, this is up to your personal discretion based on your experience.

Can I still be tattooed if I am or may be sick?
NO! If you feel unwell we ask that you contact the shop or your artist to reschedule as soon as possible as to not share or cause more stress on your body. When your immune system is weakened, you are at a higher risk of developing an infection and/or not healing your tattoo as well as it could. (i.e. cough, cold, diarrhea, fever, sore throat, light headedness, infection)

Is there a rescheduling fee?
There is a rescheduling fee should you reschedule in shorter notice than 72 hours more than twice. This is put in place as with such short notice, your artist is risking not filling your spot and therefore missing out on expected income.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?
No? Yes? Maybe? Sometimes? Pain intensity is different from person to person and also varies from day to day. Many poeple say it feels like scratching a fresh sunburn. Just remember to relax, the more you tense up the more it will hurt. So sit back, relax and it will be over before you know it!