How to prepare for my tattoo appointment

Bring a sugary snack and drink with you!

The first half hour of your tattoo as your body adjusts to the adrenaline rush and excitement of getting tattooed it is not uncommon to feel faint or woozy. It is crucial to have a something sugary for a quick recovery if this happens to you. Please come prepared.

No cuts scratches rashes sunburn or bug bites!

If you have a wound of any type within 6 inches of the tattoo area with or without a scab it’s not possible to tattoo you. These wounds carry germs and bacteria would could increase the risk of infection. You will need to be rescheduled!

Don’t come sick

Just the same as covid, being sick with a cold or recovering from infection/surgery or other ailments isn’t the best time to get tattooed as your body needs time to heal before the stress of a tattoo- plus I don’t want your germs. Please call to reschedule

Be sure to fill out the online waiver 24hrs prior to your scheduled apt.
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