You just booked an appointment for a new piercing

PLEASE READ All of this info! 
You must be 18+ to get a piercing by me,

parental consent is only allowed in some circumstances legally – minors under 16 can only get EAR LOBES piercings only – including with parental consent. 16-18 is all other piercings except for genitalia areas parental consent is required by law!
Currently offering the following piercings

Ear lobes are $25.00 each hole

nostril $60

navel $75

a booking fee of $15 is required to hold your spot and confirm your appointment time please send to

your appointment is only held for 24 hours so please send this booking fee as soon as possible. 
The ADDRESS is 115 Rands Road, AJAX – Harwood and Westney are the main intersections 

please reply to this email if you need to reach me for any reason pertaining to this booked appointment so all communication is kept together and easy for me to search if needed.

respectfully, I request that you come alone to your apt. I don’t have a large studio space to accommodate more than one individual. 

please fill out the waiver here in this link that needs to be filled out 1-2 hours prior to your arrival

if you fill this out prematurely- you will need to fill it out again the day of your tattoo appointment.

Piercing Aftercare Guide

Now that you have your new piercing, learn the best ways to take care of it. The proper aftercare routine will ensure that your piercing heals rapidly and easily.

Cleaning Instructions – Mix ¼ tsp sea salt – not table salt with 250ml cooled boiled water to dissolve- this is now saline and will be used to clean your piercing for your aftercare. To be used for the minimum time for your specific piercing 

  • Clean your piercing until it is fully healed, which can take several months depending on the placement and your body.
  • Wet cotton pad with saline mixture and apply saline as a gentle compress for five minutes, morning and evening. Do this no more than twice a day. 
  • Moisture can lead to bacteria. Dry the area well with a clean cotton pad or using the cold setting on a hairdryer.

Aftercare Tips

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing. A piercing is an open wound and dirty hands or fingernails can transfer bacteria
  • Do not remove your jewelry during the healing process as it will begin to close immediately.
  • Do not clean your piercing with chemicals such as alcohol, Neosporin, or Bactine as these products could cause irritation.
  • Do not turn or rotate your jewelry.
  • Refrain from putting body creams, makeup, moisturizers, and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • In the shower, try to keep soaps or shampoos away from the area

Piercing Aftercare Precautions

  • Be careful not to aggravate your new piercing. Be cautious while washing and styling your hair, when putting on or removing clothing, and refrain from sleeping on a fresh piercing.
  • In the shower, try to keep soaps or shampoos away from the area and rinse thoroughly after.
  • Be careful about performing any strenuous exercise while healing a fresh body piercing. We also recommend that you avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Do not remove your jewelry during the healing process as it will begin to close immediately.
  • We suggest you avoid swimming in chlorinated pool water or freshwater lakes as your piercing heals

Nostril—- time to heal 3-4 months 

  • Refrain from using any harsh face wash.
  • Avoid putting makeup, creams, and serums directly on the piercing.
  • If you have a cold or allergies, be gentle when blowing your nose.

EARS — time to heal= Lobes=2-4 months,   Tragus-Helix=6-12 months.  Daith or anti-tragus=up to 1 year

  • Avoid makeup and hair products.
  • Use a travel pillow to suspend ear in the middle of the hole while you sleep.
  • Use gentle pressure from showerhead to help clear debris.
  • Refrain from using headphones if they put any pressure on the piercing.
  • Avoid makeup and hair products that could interact with the piercing.
  • Sleep with a travel pillow.
  • Use gentle pressure from your showerhead to help clear debris.

Navel – Time to heal – 8-12 months – or longer 

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and prevent waistbands from resting on the piercing.
  • Showering is preferable to bathing for the first few weeks.
  • Refrain from putting body creams, moisturizers, and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • Ensure clothing does not rub the piercing, for example, high-waisted pants or jeans.

Payment Methods:

Cash is preffered.  however i accept credit cards, debit as well. Tax is applied to all tattoo services.