You just booked a tattoo appointment

PLEASE READ All of this info!

a reminder – Christine’s Hourly rate is $180 per hour (plus tax), please bring enough money for the maximum amount of hours estimated during your consultation. if your not sure please hit reply and ask. and you will only be billed for the hours worked at each appointment. all methods of payment are accepted. cash, credit cards or debit are available at your appointment. Cash is preferred.

Please send your reservation fee of $50 per appointment booked 1 appointment =$50, 2 appointments=$100 etc. to  your appointment is only held for 24 hours so please send this booking fee as soon as possible.
this is non-refundable, it is used to secure and hold your appointment. this will be deducted from the total of your balance once the tattoo is completed. HOWEVER,
should you not show up to your appointment or not provide 48 hours notice of needing to reschedule. the deposit will be forfeit. 

please be sure to read the sections on the website re: Aftercare, there are many other interesting details about tattoo’s and what to expect on the website. if you have any questions please be sure to give christine an email at the email address below. 

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The Address is 115 Rands Road, AJAX – Harwood and Westney are the main intersections 

please be sure to show up to your appointment ON TIME. 

unfortunately due to covid restrictions directed by public health current occupancy within the private tattoo area is 1:1 which is mainly for the artist safty. for obvious reasons i can not socially distance myself from you from the 2meters they require and im wearing the required by public health ppe to protect myself, they dont allow additional people for these reasons. 
please text 905-665-9305 when you arrive to let me know you are here!

please reply to this email if you need to reach me for any reason pertaining to this booked tattoo appointment so all communication is kept together and easy for me to search if needed.

Custom Designs will be worked on within 1 week of your tattoo appointment.
any changes or modifications after i begin to design. may result in a forfeit of your appointment (and Booking Fee). should your concept also change. this also may forfeit your appointment (and booking fee) as a new concept may take more/or less time in the chair and attention to prepare for the tattoo appointment. Please understand that the time I have set aside for your tattoo apt is for the design you just reserved my time for. If you change your design to be less than the minimum time you have reserved you will be required to still pay for that minimum time.

Design mock ups will be sent via email 3-5 days before your appointment. But on your tattoo day, we will discuss and make final changes together if needed. any modifications will be discussed at your in person appointment just prior to beginning  your tattoo as it’s easier to discuss in person than it is through text/email/phone- 

Please keep in mind.. viewing on your phone is not Recommended, as it distorts the perception of the actual size., and look of the tattoo.. skin is not back lit like your phone, your skin pigment also is not paper white, so keep in mind, colors will vary slightly on skin. And this is drawn to be done at roughly the size and  to the measurements we discussed via the phone or as requested in your initial request. ..   adjustments and decisions have been made during the designing phase for the best outcome of the tattoo which may not be exactly what you requested but they have been altered with incredible thought of the final outcome and longevity of the tattoo. going smaller or adding too many details can ruin a tattoo and it’s readability on your skin over time. Your in trusting me to create your peice of art. Please trust I’ve made any alterations with the best possible outcome in mind.

If your Design has Script – please visit and pick one and email the download link.
if you have a small tattoo ie: only script/logo/linework – or something that is basically being copied or under 2inches. please dont expect to see a design.

Cover up tattoos often require hands on in person, on the day of your appointment to finalize tweaks and changes to a design. sometimes its not possible to send a rendering.

Some things to remember before you come

1. there is a waiver that needs to be filled out 1-2 hours prior to your arrival (this will be sent in another email) 

2. be sure to eat a high carb meal before your1-3 hours before your arrival, these carbs help your body with the endorphine rush so that you can tolerate the pain a bit better but also so that you do not pass out.  if you have not eaten adequetly i may request you leave to go eat something.  do not skip a meal! If you do not eat adequately this may result in the tattoo feeling more painful, and increase risk of fainting. and please NO COFFEE/caffeine 24 hours before to reduce bleeding.

Many people are anxious and or nervous and dont have much of an appetite before hand, and or feel they dont normally eat much- your not preparing for a normal day/routine at the office. you are about to go through a whole different experience. lack of callories to help your body cope and maintain the energy neccessarty to ignore the discomforts of your tattoo (even if youfeel are minimal) is substantial. your body needs 200+ calories plus per hour of tattooing to keep up with the adrenaline. if you dont eat adequetly could risk you feeling more pain and discomfort as well as a strong possibility of going into shock and possibility of passing out. if this happens you will need a SUGARY drink (pop or juice or candy) to get your sugars up fast plus an additional snack to recover. in somecircumstances this will end the tattoo session and we will need to reschedule for when you can come better prepared. and if you have not eaten adequetly i may also send youhome/reschedule if needed if you didnt bring a meal/snack with you.  

3. be sure to bring a sugary drink and a snack with you, even if your just getting a small tattoo. you will need this shoud any symptoms of fatigue, light headedness occour during the tattoo. do not bring coffee- Gatorade or just plain water as these are not adequate for its required purpose. juice or pop! not sugar free!

4. try and get a good nights rest prior to your tattoo appointment. stress and fatigue can result in a more painful experience since your body is already struggling to make it the rest of the day.

5. do not come if you are sick! if your immune system is already down and your recovering from a cold or other illnesses, its possible that your tattoo will not heal properly and have a greater risk of infection. you must be healthy to get tattooed. also i dont want your germs haha.. aside from covid. i will probably continue to wear a mask for my own safty. if there is a chance you are recovering or possibly have a cold etc. id appreciate the same respect. i get sick easily and there is no sick days in my idustry without cancelling appointments. which i dont want to do

NO SUN EXPOSURE- The sun is your tattoos worst enemy, if you expose your healing tattoo to the sun it can react with the healing ink and literally burn it from the inside out, so UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES expose your healing tattoo to prolonged direct sunlight. Even a healed tattoo will fade when exposed to the sun or tanning beds with time, if you must expose your HEALEDtattoo (after 3 months) to those nasty UV rays be sure to use a high SPF SUNBLOCK (at least spf30) your new tattoo should not be exposed to sun for minimally 3-4 months so protect your investment.

NO EXERCISE for first 14 days– SWEAT AND THE EXTRA BLOOD FLOW CAN/will cause infection, prolonged healing and damages that will require touch ups that are not included in the free touch up policy.

Once your tattoo has surface healed you can return to your normal workout routine.

6. a tattoo is a great commitment – this is your responsibility to make sure you can commit to this time to heal your tattoo adequetly, or you may forfeit your free touch-up. not use drugs or alcohol 24-48 hours prior to your tattoo appointmet. 

8. wear loose comfortable clothing to your appointment with easy accessto your tattoo area. , you may wish to bring a sweater or blanke for comfort as my sudio can be a little chilly.

Aftercare Supply List 

a fresh supply of paper twel

Unscented lotion (luberderm) 

Unscented soap – Dove or Ivory

Payment Methods:

Cash is preffered.  however i accept credit cards, debit as well. Tax is applied to all tattoo services.

if you have any questions please contact the studio 

Thank you, 
Ink Is Art Tattoo Lounge 
(905) 665-9305